Mugwumba from the North (purpledrake) wrote,
Mugwumba from the North

Rainy thoughts...

Woke up this morning with two cats on top of me, rain slightly drooling outside. Wish we could look ahead and have swapped last Wednesday with Friday - hell of a day then.

Sunday was pretty strange and damn awesome as well. Took Sarah and my aunt and cousin to the Artomatic ( - a nine-story art extravaganza with a pretty nice bar and some amazing displays - one of the best 'Peeps' exhibit I've seen - the Reservoir Dogs display with all peeps was pretty inspired :) If you're in the area, definitely see.

Afterwards, we went off to see Radiohead at the Nissan pavilion - 12,000 people, tons of water falling from the sky, and an amazing concert all told. Plus a lot of half-naked folks freezing while trying to get their wet clothing to dry - much body warmth sharing was underway there. Little different from the last time I saw them in Florida :)

Radiohead had this overall structure around them like upside-down organ pipes, that could each be individually controlled to light up / flash in whatever sequence they wanted. Behind them were huge wide-screen screens depicting the group in real-time, but with random colors and backgrounds, so everything seemed like a natural music video - and of course the music was great.

So, kudos for Baltimore - definitely good spot to see music from. REM/Modest Mouse upcoming, Toad the Wet Sprocket (anyone remember them?), plus Filter, Less than Jake and Goldfinger, Trio - definitely a lot of music upcoming around town that I have tickets for. this year - going to go fast.

Random post to waste random time - hope you're all having a great day and an awesome weekend.
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