Mugwumba from the North (purpledrake) wrote,
Mugwumba from the North

So I just was in a fight...

and I'm drunk, and I'm trying to finish my piece of pizza and beer, so please bear with me.

About 30 minutes ago, I ended up into a fight. I had been pulled out to the local bar (I had been writing beforehand), and ended up winning about seven matches in a row, all for the challenge of a shot, so seven shots were in me.

Chad has this license that ends at 1, so my roommate takes us to Max's, and everything ends perfectly. But I'm not done my beer - an Original Edelsud - so I park it in my pocket.

I hadn't eaten in like forever, so we stop at the bar pizza joint, and I'm in line waiting for a bit...

This guy next to me and I are talking, about this and that, and everything seems cool. Politics arrives - and pretty sure I instigated it - and he tells me he's not sure if he'll be voting - or allowed to. I say no matter - but if he can, hopes he votes for obama - he expresses disbelief that I will be voting for Obama.

Yes, he's black. Feels stupid to say, but he was/is.

And I say the following... "Bitch - are you kidding me - of course I'll vote for Obama - what the fuck?"

And I'm blazing out, so I'll take a coma and tell you how that comment turned into not a good night for the pizza joint.
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