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Don't worry Ocifier...

Wow - it's taken me half the day to undrunkify from last night - I'm definitely getting older :( Sigh. I've tried to bunker behind closed blinds here in the office, but that damn sun keeps hitting me with its rays of hate. Fucking hate the sun.

Saw James last night, opened by Uncle Bob - great band, amazing time. 9:30 is a great venue as well, though the 8 dollar Guinnesses/Guinnessi? started adding up painfully. The club has a central stage with balconies surrounding, and just a great crowd. Not sure I'll be here, probably will, but in November Sisters of Mercy are playing there - much love and memories of long drives listening to non-stop Floodland.

Wondering if anyone will notice if I nap under my desk. Wondering if I care.
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