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Going to miss this area :(

So my plans are to head back to the sunny coast of... Orlando? and help with some family sighs, maybe go to Universal, and live at the IBar. But I'm definitely going to miss this DC/Baltimore area, especially the music scene.

Now it's definitely no New York, but I've been to concerts every day this week, and seeing James this Thursday (the Manchester crew), a couple shows over the weekend, plus then next week I have an open invite to see five home Oriole games in a sponsor box, ie free drinkin. Plus all the seafood you can take over those days, and I've really taken a shine to Baltimore.

My job is a little strange at the moment. Everyone is powering down for the end of the program, which basically entails going golfing near every day, plus loads of meetings on the fringe of tee times. I've gotten offers in Florida from other programs, but they have all been in Pensacola and Miami - which is cool, but not what I'm looking for.

Dunno - strange things are afoot at the circle K - be interesting to see how they end up.
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