Mugwumba from the North (purpledrake) wrote,
Mugwumba from the North

I can help with that whole dying part.

So I was out with a friend, who's a doctor at Hopkins, the local huge hospital here in town. We're basically pub crawling, and pass a group of people surrounding a lady on the ground - they were all Russian, her friends, and I guess she had fainted. Someone had called for an ambulance, and the people were milling around wondering what to do.

My friend identifies herself as a doctor - and everyone immediately made room for her - and checked the eyes, the pulse via the wrist, then the carotid artery, and then elevates the legs, gets her some sugar water, etc. Doctor stuff.

Kinda cool, but kinda strange - watching this happen, and not being able to help while another can. I'm usually very proactive, but found myself leaning against a tree and watching this surreal scene - the valets milling around not sure who to give a car to, the friends jabbering in Russian wondering why the legs needed to be elevated or why sugar water ("Your Russian language improves: +1!"), waiters and waitresses fretting about bringing multiple glasses of water and warm towels.

And my thoughts through this were, well, one, if I had identified myself as a doctor, I probably would have tried mouth-to-mouth, slammed down on her chest once or twice, then started pumping her legs like she was riding a bike. I think I saw that in a movie somewhere...

Second, what were my skills that might pertain with this situation? Let's see... I'm a writer, so...

"Hi - I'm a writer - can I help? If you want, I can start jotting down your will..."

Not sure how that one would fly :)
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