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Did Danzig die??? Or, how dumb can Taer actually be?

So I left work yesterday, and was listening to my radio on the ride home, and noticed they were playing a lot of the Misfits, from Walk Among Us. Pretty cool, but then they kept playing song after song. Strange.

Just for the hell of it, I jumped to the second station I listen to, and they too were playing the Walk Among Us tracks. Um - WTF? Some homage to Danzig??

So I switch back to the first channel, yep, still playing, might have repeated - something's up, so I call a friend.

Ask her to check the intertubes for any notice that Danzig had died or something. I'm assuming something bad happened to the band, or there was some event - reunion? But nothing is on the interweb, and by this time I'm home, so slightly confused I move on.

This morning, leaving stupidly early, and they are playing the freakin tracks again! And switch to my other station, and they are as well - I'm totally WTWTWTFFF??

And then I look down, and notice my system is on CD. Now I had just bought this car, and had been told the CD played doesn't play CDs, mainly because one was stuck in it and couldn't be retrieved. So I've never bothered with it.

I'm guessing some random jostle unstuck the CD, and then I probably hit the setting to CD. And of course, rather than jumping from station to station, i was jumping from track to track :)

So yah, I'm an idiot - but an idiot with a free Misfits CD! :)
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