Mugwumba from the North (purpledrake) wrote,
Mugwumba from the North

So my parents have made Miis :)

So after buying my parents their CD player, computer, and IPod, I decided to buy them a Wii. And it has taken off for them!

I also bought them Tiger 08, but my dad just grabbed Wii Fit. Now they've made their Miis, they are doing Wii Fit daily, plus inviting some friends over for a round of Tiger 08 now and again - not bad at all :)

The funny thing, is though I've helped them jump into the new era, they've definitely surpassed me several times. After all that, they end up buying a Prius, have full internet connections to where they answer their phone on the tv and can see who's at their front door as well, and now have multiple huge HD television sets.

I think I've created tech monsters :)

On a segue, I just finished pool league, after totaling the best player in the league, that most everyone considers evil (one of those dickish rule-lawyer types). I ended up running five tables in a row, safetying him, then running that table. Yah, that'll never happen again :)

And after all that, I need to pass on the free drinks offered and churn out three deliverables for work - gah :)
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